Don't worry baby cause we're all for sale

22 year old office worker.
#tbt to when I thought I looked coooooool!

#tbt to when I thought I looked coooooool!

Probably the beat photos I have of Zoozoo.



Xe May sandwich shops awning got completely tagged last week so the manager let me draw on it today.

Stop by and see it in person, and get an awesome sandwich.

St marks and 1st ave.

Tia is one of the coolest people I know 

I am so cooooooooooool.

My will to work today is at -300% today.

Not working at work. I don’t wanna.

Not working at work. I don’t wanna.

My pork-chop.

My pork-chop.

Someone stole my debit card information today and tried to buy $5,000 worth of stuff online.

Got to go to the most beautiful waterfall today with the most beautiful people. And swam in ice cold water under a waterfall. Thank you guys for making today such a wonderful day.





the prostitute though lmao



Tippi Benjamine Okanti Degré, daughter of French wildlife photographers Alain Degré and Sylvie Robert, was born in Namibia. During her childhood she befriended many wild animals, including a 28-year old elephant called Abu and a leopard nicknamed J&B. She was embraced by the Bushmen and the Himba tribespeople of the Kalahari, who taught her how to survive on roots and berries, as well as how to speak their language.

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"Eat everything, respect no one"

"Eat everything, respect no one"